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No one wants to go through a complicated legal matter. Unfortunately, even a dedication to avoiding such issues does not guarantee that they won't find you. Perhaps the police have accused you of committing a crime, or maybe the negligent or wrongful acts of another party caused you serious injuries. In either of these situations, identifying a path forward may be difficult. A criminal defense and personal injury attorney in San Antonio, TX may be able to help.

At The Castro Law Office, our experienced team of legal professionals is dedicated to securing favorable outcomes for our clients. In some situations, this may mean having criminal charges dismissed, reduced, or showing that the prosecutor's case isn't supported by evidence. In other instances, a favorable outcome may involve getting a fair settlement from an insurance company or securing substantial damages in court.

Either way, our law firm is here to help. Contact our San Antonio criminal defense and personal injury attorneys today for a free consultation.

How May We Help You?

It's important to work with a personal injury and criminal defense law firm that has experience in cases like yours. To do this, you must know what matters a legal practice handles. At The Castro Law Offices, we can handle the following cases and those similar to them.

Why Do You Need
an Attorney?

People often ask whether they need an attorney for their case. After all, their case may appear to be "open and shut," or perhaps an insurer or prosecutor has already offered a seemingly fair deal. However, statistics consistently prove that individuals with legal counsel secure better outcomes on average. When it comes to protecting your freedom, avoiding a criminal record, or securing fair compensation for injuries, you deserve every advantage available.

At The Castro Law Offices, our dedicated legal team is ready to handle the most complex cases. Additionally, we're easily accessible from anywhere in the city. We're less than 1 mile from the San Antonio River Walk and just a 5-minute drive from the Bexar County Adult Detention Center. We're also just 15 minutes from the San Antonio International Airport (SAT). We are located downtown San Antonio within walking distance of the courthouse and available for remote consultations as well. No matter where you are, we're here to help.

Contact us today at (210) 864-8851 to schedule your free consultation with a criminal defense and personal injury attorney in San Antonio.

Why Choose Us?
A Dedication to Clients

Any law firm can claim that they're dedicated to their clients. At The Castro Law Offices, we believe actions speak louder than words. This is why every client is given their attorney's cell phone number. If you have questions, your lawyer is ready to answer them.

Local Experience

You want an attorney on your side who has local experience. These legal professionals have built relationships with judges, attorneys, investigators, and other professionals in San Antonio. Attorney Christopher Castro attended St. Mary's University School of Law in San Antonio.

Trial Attorneys

It's great when insurance companies offer fair settlements, and it's even better when a prosecutor dismisses charges or offers a fair plea arrangement. When this doesn't happen, though, it's important to have a trial attorney on your side. That's what you'll find at The Castro Law Offices.

No Half Measures

When we take a case at The Castro Law Offices, it's not because we think it will be simple. It's because we truly believe our clients deserve better. In criminal matters, our goal is always to get a case dismissed. In personal injury cases, we always aim for maximum compensation.

Unmatched Case Success

Not many criminal defense and personal injury law firms in San Antonio can boast a 95% success rate. The Castro Law Offices can. We have a dedicated focus on every client's case, and more often than not, this results in positive outcomes.

Free Consultations

At The Castro Law Offices, we don't believe anyone should have to pay simply to learn their legal options. This is why we offer free initial consultations. Speak with our lawyers today, and then you can decide whether you want to move forward.

Why Choose Us?

The best way to learn about the specifics of your case is to schedule a free consultation with the San Antonio criminal defense and personal injury attorneys at The Castro Law Offices. However, the following frequently asked questions can provide insight in certain instances.

Should I accept a prosecutor's plea deal?

In most situations, prosecutors will offer a plea deal to avoid trial. They'll frame this deal as "the best you're going to get" and possibly even feign empathy for you. However, this tactic is often used to avoid taking a weak case to trial. Let your San Antonio criminal defense attorney review any possible deal before agreeing to it.

Can I appeal my criminal conviction?

Your ability to appeal a criminal conviction will depend heavily on the circumstances of your case. Appeals are very often available, but this won't always be true. For instance, appealing a conviction can be more difficult if you accept a plea deal. Let our San Antonio defense attorneys review your case and help you understand your options.

Should I fight charges if I'm guilty?

Guilt does not negate a person's right to legal representation and a fair trial. Remember, it's the responsibility of state and federal courts to prove your guilt. If they're unable to do so, then it's not appropriate for you to be convicted. Everyone makes mistakes, but these lapses in judgment don't necessarily have to ruin your life.

What if I'm partially responsible for my injuries?

Many people don't bother seeking compensation after an accident because they believe their own fault disqualifies them from financial recovery. This can be a costly mistake. Texas is a comparative negligence state, and that means injury victims may be entitled to compensation even if they contributed to their own injuries. Never make assumptions.

Do I have a valid personal injury lawsuit?

If you've been harmed due to another party's negligent or wrongful acts, you may be entitled to substantial compensation. However, this will typically require proving that the at-fault party is liable for your injuries. If you can do this, a jury is likely to issue a ruling in your favor. However, an insurer may prefer to avoid court and simply offer a settlement.

Does Texas have a personal injury statute of limitations?

Yes, the statute of limitations for Texas personal injury cases is typically two years. After this time expires, any potential claim is likely to be thrown out. There are some exceptions, though, so make sure you speak with a San Antonio personal injury attorney.

What if I don't know who caused my injury?

Even if you don't know who caused your injury — such as in the case of hit-and-run drivers, random assaults, and similar cases — it may still be possible to secure compensation. PIP insurance claims are possible for car accidents, and other issues of liability (e.g., premises liability) may come into play in some cases.

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