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Facing criminal charges of any type can significantly burden a person’s life. Unfortunately, such burdens are even more extreme when someone finds themselves in federal court. Federal criminal cases typically carry severe penalties, and fewer than 1% result in an acquittal when these cases go to trial. Even worse, we constantly see stories of how people sentenced to federal prison live in horrific conditions. A federal defense attorney in San Antonio, TX may be able to assist.

At The Castro Law Office, our criminal defense attorneys work hard to ensure our clients facing federal charges never have to experience those conditions. Our primary goal is to secure a dismissal or acquittal in every case.

Of course, this isn’t always possible. However, our law firm can often still secure favorable outcomes — such as probation rather than imprisonment — even when federal prosecutors have a strong case. No matter your situation, we’re ready to provide the experienced legal counsel you need.

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What Are You Being Charged With Federal Crimes?

A federal criminal case often involves charges similar to those you’ll see in state court. However, there’s always an underlying circumstance that results in a federal investigation and prosecution. Whether this is in relation to criminal charges that only exist on a federal level (e.g., counterfeiting money) or charges that could be federal or state in nature, it’s important to understand why you’ve been charged with federal offenses. Here are a few reasons your case could end up in federal court:

  • Crime occurred on federal government land — such as theft of items in a national park
  • Crime involved federal agencies — such as fraud charges related to a fraudulent loan from the Small Business Administration
  • Crime crossed state lines and affected interstate commerce — such as drug trafficking or internet crimes
  • The accused traveled across state lines — such as human trafficking or driving a stolen car from one state to another

If you find yourself facing charges under any of these circumstances, the importance of working with a San Antonio federal criminal defense attorney cannot be overstated. Federal authorities often undertake lengthy investigations with the sole focus of securing a conviction. They have extensive resources to assist in this process, and once convicted, federal sentencing guidelines often give judges less discretion to be lenient.

Don’t risk your future and freedom. Let the legal professionals at our San Antonio office review your case and help build a strong legal defense.

What Are Federal Sentencing Guidelines?

Federal Sentencing Guidelines are established by the United States Sentencing Commission (USSC). They’re a set of rules and principles that provide a structured and consistent framework for sentencing individuals convicted of federal crimes. These guidelines were created to promote fairness, uniformity, and proportionality in sentencing across federal courts. Unfortunately, they can also result in unfair outcomes for an individual charged with a federal offense.

While the guidelines are advisory rather than mandatory, federal judges are still expected to consider these guidelines. And if they depart from them, they must justify their decision. This is why individuals charged with federal criminal offenses must do everything possible to avoid a conviction. Based on a person’s criminal history and the base offense they’re charged with, they could end up facing harsher penalties than those provided in any state court.

At The Castro Law Office, our federal criminal defense lawyers in San Antonio, TX are here to assist. We’ll work hard to build a strong defense in an effort to achieve a positive outcome on your behalf. We represent clients in a broad array of legal matters — ranging from white-collar crimes and immigration offenses to human trafficking and federal sex crimes. We’ve handled some of the most complex cases to come through the Western District, so we’re ready to assist in your defense.

How Can an Attorney Help You in Federal Court?

From the moment you know that federal investigations are taking place against you, it’s essential to reach out to a legal professional. Unfortunately, some people don’t know they’re in the crosshairs of federal agents until they’ve actually been charged. Regardless of where you are in this process, though, it’s imperative that you work with a San Antonio federal criminal defense lawyer. Here are just a few reasons why:

  • Expertise in federal law
  • In-depth experience with federal agencies (e.g., Secret Service, Federal Bureau of Investigation)
  • Negotiation skills
  • Expansive resource networks
  • Understanding of federal sentencing guidelines
  • Ability to use pretrial motions and challenges to suppress evidence
  • In-depth understanding of federal procedure
  • May be able to argue that charges should be on a state-level
  • Protection of your constitutional rights

When a federal agency or investigators have their eye on you, things can get very serious very quickly. Following a conviction, any sentence imposed will likely be severe and life-altering. At The Castro Law Office, all our clients know they receive dedicated legal services. In fact, every client is given our head attorney’s cell phone number once we’ve taken on their case following a free, confidential consultation. Our goal is to secure a favorable outcome on your behalf.

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When the federal government comes after you, it’s hard to envision a scenario where you come out on top. Whether it’s the Drug Enforcement Agency, Internal Revenue Service, or other government agencies investigating you, the simple fact is they have nearly unlimited resources. Even when the charges against you fall under federal jurisdiction, though, it’s important to remember that you have rights. A federal criminal lawyer can help ensure these rights are not violated.

At The Castro Law Office, we fight aggressively to help our clients achieve favorable results in federal courts. In some instances, this means having charges dismissed or securing a not-guilty verdict. In other situations, it may be considered a “win” if we can get a charge reduction or negotiate a fair plea arrangement. The proper approach can vary based on the federal laws you’re charged under and the circumstances of your case.

No matter the circumstances, though, we won’t stop fighting for you. Our federal criminal defense attorneys in San Antonio, TX are ready to help. Contact us at (210) 290-9614 today to schedule your free consultation.