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Being arrested is one of the most stressful experiences a person can go through. Unfortunately, things often only get worse after a conviction. Some could find themselves facing years in prison, and even those who get off with probation can see their lives irrevocably changed. Unfortunately, the criminal justice system in America isn’t always fair. However, this doesn’t mean you have to settle for a negative outcome. A criminal defense attorney in Brownsville, Texas may be able to help.

At The The Castro Law Office, our team of experienced legal professionals understands what you’re up against. Whether you’re facing misdemeanor or more serious felony charges, having a criminal lawyer on your side can prove invaluable. Our law firm will fight to have your charges dismissed, and if this isn’t possible, we can work toward a fair plea agreement. And when prosecutors aren’t willing to negotiate fairly, we’re ready to present our defense case in court.

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What Should You Do if You’re Arrested?

In some instances, it may be possible to avoid being detained. If you know there’s a warrant out for your arrest, your lawyer may be able to work something out where you’re processed without sitting in jail. However, this is a rarity in the criminal justice system. If police have already arrested you — whether for federal or state charges — the most important thing you can do is keep your mouth closed. You have the right to remain silent, and you should always exercise it.

The simple fact is that — once police make an arrest — they’re not interested in your side of the story. They’ll pretend they are, but their true goal is to have you confess. Coercive interrogation tactics have been shown to greatly increase the occurrence of false confessions. This is why the only thing out of your mouth should be, “I’d like to speak with my attorney.” Even at this point, police may try to persuade you to relinquish this right — but again, remaining silent is paramount.

Your next step should be to follow through and contact a criminal defense lawyer in Brownsville, TX. Working with a law office can significantly increase your odds of charge dismissal and exoneration. And even if you’re unable to avoid a criminal record, attorneys are often able to work out favorable plea arrangements for their clients. Don’t risk your future by simply “winging it.” Contact The The Castro Law Office today.

Do You Really Need to Hire a Brownsville Criminal Attorney?

In many cases, people question whether they need to hire an attorney. Perhaps they think the charges against them aren’t very serious, or maybe they believe the facts will prove their innocence. And in some cases, they simply don’t see the need to hire someone since they’re entitled to a public defender. They might even think the prosecutor’s plea deal is fair. While all these beliefs are undoubtedly positive and affirming, the reality of criminal prosecutions is often different than we envision.

Those who believe they’re not facing serious charges frequently discover their entire lives upended. Even seemingly minor convictions will result in a criminal record that interferes with employment, housing, academic, and even romantic options. For those who believe the facts are on their side, it’s important to understand that 1 of every 20 people convicted of a crime is innocent. And when it comes to public defenders, these professionals have caseloads far exceeding what they should have.

Even worse, an increasing number of people — whether they were charged in a state or federal case — are receiving bills after using public defenders. This is known as recoupment, and it’s increasingly common in Texas. If you’re going to pay for an attorney anyway, why not work with a criminal defense lawyer in Brownsville, TX who is focused on you and not overburdened with state cases? Your legal counsel can review the prosecutor’s plea deal and help you understand your options.

Should You Accept a Plea Deal?

Did you know that most criminal cases never make it to state or federal court? The overwhelming majority of charges are resolved with plea deals. If you’ve been charged with a crime, it’s a near certainty that prosecutors will offer you such a deal. However, it’s important that you let a legal team review the specifics of any plea arrangement. Prosecutors frequently bluff about their case’s strength to convince defendants that a plea deal is in their best interest.

For instance, they may tell someone that they’ve got enough evidence to prove a murder charge — so accepting a plea for manslaughter is ideal. Similarly, they may claim that a person could be hit with federal criminal charges even when the alleged crime should be in a state court. Put simply, they want you to accept their deal so they don’t have to take your case to court. A Brownsville, TX criminal defense attorney can review the facts of your case and let you know whether the deal is fair.

If it’s not, they can offer advice, work out more favorable plea arrangements, and even represent you during a criminal trial. The professionals at The The Castro Law Office are here to help when you need it.

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Whether you’ve just discovered there’s a warrant for your arrest or you want to appeal an unfair conviction, the criminal justice system is highly complex. We’re constantly seeing news stories about innocent people being released after years in prison. There have even been instances where new evidence supporting innocence emerges, but nothing is done to exonerate the accused. Don’t let the system railroad you. Find yourself a lawyer who’s experienced in criminal law.

At The The Castro Law Office, you’ll work directly with a team of criminal defense attorneys in Brownsville, Texas dedicated to securing favorable outcomes for our clients. In some situations, this may mean having all charges against you dropped. In other instances, a favorable outcome may be securing a lenient plea deal or presenting your case to a jury. Regardless of the underlying circumstances, we always have our clients’ best interests in mind.

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