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No one starts the day expecting to experience a serious injury. Unfortunately, an unexpected car wreck can occur at any time. When this happens, you could face expensive medical bills, lost time at work, and various other difficulties. In some situations, you or a loved one may even experience life-changing injuries. If you’re in this or a similar situation, it’s important to hold liable parties responsible for their actions. A car accident attorney in San Antonio, TX may be able to help.

At The Castro Law Office, our Texas personal injury lawyers are committed to securing fair compensation on behalf of our clients. An automobile accident can completely upend a person’s life. When this happens due to someone else’s negligence or wrongful acts, it’s important for the liable party to take responsibility for their actions and cover the injury victim’s damages. However, you should always remember that these are often complex cases that can have unexpected outcomes.

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Do You Have a Valid Personal Injury Case?

When a negligent driver causes an accident, common sense would dictate that they’d be responsible for damages. Unfortunately, common sense doesn’t always prevail. The law can be quite complicated when it comes to personal injury cases — particularly when you consider the other party’s insurance company will fight hard to ensure their motorists aren’t held liable for damages. However, there are three elements that — if proven — can make the insurer’s goal far more complicated.

That’s because proving these three elements will establish liability in a case:

  • Duty of care: Almost all motorists have a duty of care. This means they must avoid actions that could cause harm to others. Such actions could include talking on a cell phone, speeding, and other negligent acts.
  • Violation of duty: To establish liability, it must be proven that a party violated their duty of care. Keep in mind that another driver might not necessarily be at fault. For instance, government agencies often fail to make road repairs. This could violate their duty to protect motorists.
  • Direct causation of harm: The mere existence of driver negligence — or violations of duty by other parties — is not enough to establish liability. It’s also necessary to show that the violation of a duty directly led to harm (e.g., emotional distress, financial loss, etc.).

If these three elements can be proven in court, you may be entitled to substantial compensation. Your car accident attorney in San Antonio, TX might be able to secure economic damages and other financial recovery on your behalf. However, insurers may not be excited about going to court if these elements are likely to be proven. This means an attorney could potentially file an insurance claim on your behalf and secure fair compensation without going to trial.

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What Are Common Causes of Car Accidents?

There are countless actions that could lead to an auto accident. Some of these are exceedingly rare — such as faulty construction of a bridge that causes it to collapse. However, the rarity of an event does not affect whether you’re entitled to compensation. Any form of negligence, recklessness, or wrongful act could make you eligible for financial recovery. However, a few scenarios are far more common than others. These include:

  • Distracted driving
  • Speeding
  • Drunk driving
  • Running red lights or stop signs
  • Reckless driving
  • Weather conditions
  • Fatigue
  • Poor road conditions
  • Tailgating
  • Failure to yield
  • Inexperienced drivers
  • Mechanical failures
  • Aggressive driving
  • Failure to obey traffic signals
  • Unsafe lane changes

Whether you’re involved in a hit and run, t-bone accident, or one of the frequently devastating head-on collisions that occur every day in America, it’s important to understand your rights and your options. A San Antonio auto accident lawyer can help you in this endeavor. At Castro Law Office, we may be able to help you recover losses for medical care, lost wages, property damage, and a variety of non-economic damages such as pain and suffering.

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Should You Accept a Car Accident Settlement?

In many cases, a car accident victim will be contacted by the insurance company of the at-fault driver. At this point, they’ll likely pretend to be very concerned about your injuries. They might tell you there’s no need to file a legal claim — because they’re more than willing to pay for your medical treatment and other losses. However, it’s important to remember that an insurance provider is more committed to profit than offering a fair settlement.

This is why you should never agree to anything before speaking with a San Antonio car accident attorney. With proper legal representation, you stand a better chance of securing fair compensation. And if the insurance carrier refuses to adequately compensate you, a skilled attorney can file litigation to ensure justice is served. A settlement offer may be the right path, but you should always work with a trial attorney willing to file a lawsuit.

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Whether you suffered an injury due to drunk driving, defective vehicles, or any other factor that was not your fault, the law may allow you to secure financial recovery. However, every car accident case is different. It may be possible to secure a fair settlement agreement with the at-fault party’s insurance company, but in some instances, litigation may be necessary. Regardless of the best approach, working with a skilled legal professional is likely the best way to be reimbursed for your car accident injuries.

At The Castro Law Office, a team of experienced legal professionals will handle your car accident claim from start to finish. Whether you suffered serious injuries that will forever affect your life — or if minor accidents caused emotional trauma you can’t get over — our law firm will fight for you. Contact us today at (210) 864-8851 to schedule your case evaluation. Our car accident attorneys in San Antonio, TX will review your case and help you understand how to best hold negligent parties accountable.