San Antonio Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Residents of San Antonio should be able to walk safely around town. Unfortunately, negligent drivers or other parties may cause you to suffer major injuries. You may have been injured on a sidewalk, at a crosswalk, or any other location you were traveling by foot. After an injury, you need to know who caused the accident and how to pursue the compensation you need. To investigate the cause of your pedestrian accident, let a talented attorney take a look at the case. A San Antonio pedestrian accident lawyer has the experience needed to investigate a claim and seek the financial award to which you may be entitled.

Rules and Regulations for Pedestrians

There are certain rules that govern how pedestrians must conduct themselves. These rules, found in Texas Statutes Chapter 522, outline the laws and rules a pedestrian must follow. These include how pedestrians should:

  • Cross at crosswalks
  • Keep to the right
  • Avoid jaywalking
  • Appropriately use a sidewalk
  • Interact with traffic control signals like red lights or crosswalk signs
  • Stay on the curb

These same rules apply protections to the pedestrian as well. The rules dictate how drivers must respect the rights of pedestrians and that failure to do so may lead to a ticket or other criminal sanction. These rules can play a major role in a civil claim for monetary damages. A San Antonio lawyer could help an injured pedestrian understand their rights under the law.

How Can Collisions Between Pedestrians and Drivers Occur?

A pedestrian accident could be caused by any number of factors, but the primary culprit is as a result of a motor vehicle wreck. Irresponsible drivers may not pay attention to where they are going and if there are pedestrians in the path. These collisions commonly occur at:

  • Crosswalks
  • Sidewalks and other walking pathways
  • Bike paths
  • Intersections
  • Curbs
  • A bus stop
  • A shop or restaurant
  • A park

If the injuries are the driver’s fault, the injured pedestrian may file a personal injury claim with the help of a San Antonio lawyer.

Other Causes of Pedestrian Accidents

While motor vehicles are the most common reason a pedestrian is hurt, other reasons could also be the cause. Holes in the sidewalk left by construction companies or cities may lead to serious falls. An accident with a car may have been caused by faulty traffic control signals that caused confusion. In any event, whoever caused a pedestrian to be injured should be held financially responsible.

Statute of Limitations in San Antonio

Most pedestrian accidents are a type of personal injury lawsuit. Texas Statute § 16.003 sets a two-year time limit on these cases. If the case is not filed within two years of the date it occurred, the case will almost certainly be dismissed by the trial court. These time limits are meant to preserve evidence and protect people from lawsuits on conduct that occurred many years ago. As a plaintiff, an injured pedestrian should seek guidance from a San Antonio lawyer immediately after an accident to avoid losing their rights to pursue monetary damages.

Consult a Dedicated Pedestrian Accident Attorney in San Antonio

State law protects the right of pedestrians. After you have been injured, you can seek answers about who was at fault and how to hold them legally responsible. Speak with a qualified San Antonio pedestrian accident lawyer to learn more about your unique case. Contact us today.